Facilitated into school!

Finally we share the story about the third important area we have been able to support at Play on Wheels in 2019:

Facilitated into school
At the beginning of 2019, Play on Wheels successfully assisted a child’s family in placing her into a school! Part of the reason for her acceptance was that having our dedicated toileting area allowed Play on Wheels to toilet train her, as she would not be accepted into a Special School without toilet training [the toilet area for PoW is funded by Gustav Whitefield Memorial Fund].
While check ins and follow up were done, it was discovered that her family was not happy with her school placement, as where before she was always excited to wait for the Play on Wheels bus, she would start crying when the new school transport picked her up. There was also an incident at school where our girl fell and sustained minor injuries to her face. Her mother and aunt have looked for and placed her on a waiting list at another Special School. This highlights the road that Project Playground walked with this family. Mom was never involved, through a combination of factors. Not only did the social worker facilitate involvement from her mom, but her mom has taken her parenting responsibility to outside the ordinary for the average South African parent in a similar situation. Where most parents would either remove their child with special needs and keep them at home or continue with unsatisfactory education, this family has decided that no, they are not happy with the service at the school, and yes, their child with special needs deserves more than just sitting at home or being satisfied with second best.

We wish this amazing girl and her family ALL the best and we are looking forward to following this wonderful progress going forward❤️