Annual report from Play on Wheels

Härlig läsning från Play on Wheels där de berättar om hur årets bidrag från stiftelsen hjälpt deltagarna i Langa och på det nya centret i Gugulethu. Se hela rapporten här: Gustav report 2017.

”Another year has passed and Play on Wheels as a division celebrated its fifth birthday in February! On behalf of the staff and participants of Play on Wheels Gugulethu and Langa, I would like to thank you again for your valuablecontributions to Play on Wheels. Today is Play on Wheels Gugulethu’s first birthday. While Project Playground would have been able to open the centre’s doors, we would not have been able to afford any of the specialised equipment and appropriate sensory games that allow us to implement a therapeutic program at this centre. At Play on Wheels Langa, the funding granted to us by the Gustav Whitefield Foundation has so far allowed us to seat three young participants; with two of them, their old wheelchairs were so small that they were causing deformities that may take a few years to correct.”Tack för era bidrag som möjliggör viktig utveckling för många varje dag.