Extra support to those exposed who live in the shanty towns

The insecurity of the times we experience right now is hard on everyone in different ways. We do our best to care for our families and above all for those at special risk. It is hard for many of us to imagine. what it is like to be living in a shanty town and at the same time to have to live in quarantine in often overcrowded homes on a minimum of space and often exposed to severe violence and abuse. Project Playground works tirelessly to care for their children also in these difficult times. They keep in touch, support homework and distribute necessities and more importantly knowledge of how to stop the spread of this infection.

The fund has granted 10 000 rands for the  benefit of this work and especially with a view on Play on Wheels, the heroes with functional variations who are the utmost exposed.

Thank you Project Playground for all the good you do! We send you all our love and strength.