The foundation

The Gustav Whitefield Memorial Fund raise funds from individuals and organizations for further donation to selected individuals, organizations and/or specific activities with the purpose of supporting the development of individuals with disabilities, to strengthen their self-esteem and to support them on their journey towards reaching their true potential in the spirit of Gustav Whitefield. This means spreading joy, will power, courage and love to those who need it.

he overall purpose of the fund is to support and inspire people to continuous development despite their disabilities. Through financial support and other activities we give individuals the possibility to discover the world and their own capabilities in their own way, to give everyone the chance for positive development, physically, mentally, socially as well as culturally.

Gustav taught us the importance of a positive view of the potential of each individual as well as the importance of being able to take part in social and cultural activities. Through this fund we will continue to spread this this important knowledge – the right for all to nourish their interests and take part in motivating activities.

The Fund is registered at Länsstyrelsen, Västra Götalands län, Sweden, org no 802477-7495. The Fund has as Swedish 90-konto, under supervision by Svensk Insamlingskontroll. Auditor is Thomas Nilsson, EY.

Thanks to the donations, since 2013 the board has been able to contribute with:

Play on wheels

Aids, staff training and transport for children who could not otherwise participate in the business

Preschool Stegen

The little room