Courage Inspiration and Passion

Then we shall contribute, create new contacts and most of all reflect! I understand that people who choose to come especially  this evening are people who want to make a real difference.

That is what Linda Hammarström says about the evening when she will give a lecture on behalf of the Fund.It will be an evening full of energy that will spread rings on the water in many ways. We promise that you will get some thought-provoking ideas and many children and young people will be given the chance of happy experiences by the fund thanks to the fact that we come together this very evening.

Linda is one of Sweden’s most frequently hired lecturers with more than twenty years of experience of communication and HR. She has worked for the Stena Business Empire with their values and business philosophy and implemented them for Stena’s  20000 employees. She has also been the director of passion for the Clarion Hotel management team. In her lecture she will introduce the Relay- how we create a culture where we  raise and recommend each other.The Relay makes us work together- not necessarily at the same time. You are a link in an unbroken chain where everybody backs up each other and where everybody has her own value in her lap.

The subject of the evening is COURAGE. Courage gives us the strength of exploring, discovering and is the foundation’s foremost keywords. Linda combines courage with passion in everything she does.This is what we will all experience on september 19. A very warm welcome to all!

Book tickets for the IHM already today. The tickets cost 350 SKR and the money goes directly to the activities of the Fund. E-mail your participation and confirm it by way of Swishto number 23 900 36 66.

Please get in touch if you want to book a group, perfect event for the autumn kick off! alt Joakim Whitefield 072-254 00 22