Communication which facilitates development and happiness

The possibility to communicate in one’s own way and to get help to be understood is not for everybody in spite of it being a fundamental  thing and the basis for development and happiness. The fund has obtained  visual aids for the benefit of communication for the participants of Play on Wheels and we already see fantastic development in the ways the children communicate and make themselves understood. This will 

as a matter of course, be our focus ahead. We look forward to following the participants in their future efforts of making themselves rightfully heard and seen.

Here is what Lindie from Play on Wheels writes about the importance of  of communication and  the visual aids they apply:

Verbal and non-verbal communication has many levels of development. From the first time a baby looks into her mother’s eyes and smiles, to a teenager  sharing the heartbreak of losing a first love, communication is a complex ability developed over years. In 2020, Play on Wheels was able to operate from August to November, where general communication goals focussed on making eye-contact, sender-receiver responses, and communicative intent for our awareness groups. For our transitional and interactive groups, focus was placed on recognising nouns and verbs, Identifying personal needs and associating requests with a response.  Out of fourteen children who have been exposed to the use of visual aids for communication, six have shown improvements in their ability to communicate.