Here are greetings from Ella and Thilde

My name is Ella and I´m 9 years old and my older sister Thilde is 19. We have EDS, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disease which gives us ache and problems with all inside organs. We get easily tired and have a lack of energy. The most wonderful things we know of are horses and riding. We are members of the Båstad riding/equestrian club and there we take lessons every week. We have learnt a lot since we started there. The coordination of our bodies has improved a lot since we started riding. When riding we almost forget about our disease, it’s so wonderful and we must concentrate on handling the horse. As riding and horses are expensive activities and  to be able to go on we applied for a scholarship and were luckily granted one! Now we can go on riding and it feels fabulous!