Greetings from South Africa

Did you know that our fund cooperates with projects in other countries? One of them is Play On Wheels in
South Africa, in the shantytowns of  Langa and Gugulethu outside Cape Town. Play On Wheels focuses on improving life for children and young adults with different intellectual and physical disabilities/ functional variants. They are part of the Project playground which you might have heard of. The organization turns 11 this week and we are pleased to be a part of the important journey aiming at improving the lives of all children.

The need for support for these children is tremendous. We were therefore so surprisingly happy to receive this photo from Play On Wheels, a photo which shows in what way our cooperation makes a difference. Thanks to your contributions this little guy and 6 more kids have been given orthopedic rails and supportive shoes that enable them to walk and stand upright better than what otherwise would have been the case. 

What joy!