A happy, pleased guy greets us to thank us for the opportunity to ride and challenge himself on horseback

Here you can read about his experience:

The riding has gone well and Alexander has been allowed on a high horse. A bit scary at the beginning but at the same time great fun to be able to sit up high and look down on everybody. 

Alex was allowed to ride once a week accompanied by his assistants who he loves and has confidence in. He was happy and exultant while the staff prepared the horse ready to begin. Alexander stroked the horse’s back with his hands singing while riding. It was great fun for him to have an activity to look forward to each week. Most days riding was fun but a few times when the ache and lack of sleep took over it was less satisfying. Unfortunately lack of sleep and ache from his stomach are part of our everyday struggle. All the same it was more fun to be on horseback doing something he really liked than sitting idly at home. Alexander likes animals, heights and attention. To ride and feel the horse beneath was a bit exciting and cool especially when he was praised all the time. Good balance and focus exercise.

Thanks a lot once more for this opportunity.