Family on new adventures

Henry and Ada are going to experience lots of excursions  with their parents thanks to their new fine bike. We are happy that the grant from our fund will give them this freedom and lots of wonderful and nice experiences ahead.

The children’s mother sends you all her heartfelt thanks:


We got the bike yesterday and couldn’t wait to get away and took a premier tour in the storm today. Henry, who has autism and an intellectual disability was skeptical at first but after being bribed with Ballerina biscuits he realised that it was great fun. Ada, who lacks a cerebral cortex is overall positive to most things in life, dashed into activity yelling wii  when we tramped away! This is going to give our lives a silver lining now that we can go on excursions and shopping trips, visit swimming areas, beaches and playgrounds without using the car.

Thank you so much, we are so overwhelmingly happy!

Greetings from,

Emma Andreas Henry Ada