Full Speed at Jump Yard in Nacka

This year the secondary special school of Nacka had to reconsider their annual skiing holidays at Flottsbro as there was no snow! Instead the students got a thrilling and fast paced activity day at  Jump Yard in Nacka. Our warmest thanks from the whole bunch via our teacher Calle who writes:

Our original plans were days on ski on the slopes of Slottsbro in Huddinge. However we had to change plans because of the lack of snow. We tried to find other possibilities and give the students  challenges suitable for everyone. This time the students of class 4 got the experience of a trampoline, a climbing wall and adventure trails at Jump Yard, Nacka. A very successful day for students and personnel. We were challenged in many different ways; balance, strength and coordination and we were allowed to cooperate.

Thank you Gustav Whitefield for the contribution to this developing and eventful activity!